Creating Certainty

March 24, 2020


By: Attorney Wendy Newman Glantz

Our moments of uncertainty can cause stress and anxiety in our personal and professional lives. There are many thoughts and fears that occupy our mind at this moment. The thought we must have is “How can I shift gears? How can I look at this as an opportunity in my life to make change? To create change in my business, relationships and global responsibility?”

We are in a time of creating more awareness which can help us embrace the professional challenges we will be facing.

Take a look within and apply these “5” ways to help “shift” or “change” your perspective.


Begin to appreciate all of the positive things in your life. When you wake up in the morning, as they say, “Count your blessings.” Redirect your thoughts on all the worthy things you have in your life. Appreciate each breath you can take and the health of you, your family, friends and colleagues. Appreciate that people around the world are collectively uniting and working on a “cure” to stop the virus. Appreciate that you have an opportunity to connect and reconnect to your family and friends. Show your appreciation, express your gratitude to others. Be appreciative if you still are actively working.


This is a time to open your heart. Embrace and understand that everyone is globally being impacted and you are not alone. Be more compassionate to your employer, co-workers, friends and family. Realize that there are difficult decisions being made in everyone’s businesses. Be patient, less demanding and understanding. A simple smile or thank you can go further than you think.

Be Mindful

Simply pay attention. Mindfulness is being present in the moment. There are a lot of thoughts and distractions that can be occupying you at this time. Try to focus on being attentive and present.

Mindfulness is also being in a situation without judgment or criticism. Try to restrict judging what others are doing and take responsibility for your own actions.


Be creative in your professional lives and businesses. Take the time to educate yourself in a new area or industry. Research how other companies are operating remotely and with “lockdown orders.” Create a new business plan for your company or profession.

Create Purpose

Reflect and take the time to determine what is your professional purpose. What purpose can you create to help others in your business? Expand your mind and explore ways that you can help others in this challenging time. Create networks, connect and begin to eradicate the negativity that everyone is facing. Shift gears, begin to transform and create a movement of global change and positivity.

Shift your thoughts of uncertainty and be certain that the future holds new and innovative ways to conduct business. Reach out to others and connect, brainstorm and create a wave of positivity.