Effective Counsel for Insureds in Disputes with their Insurance Companies

Glantzlaw is dedicated to the representation of individuals and companies throughout Florida against insurance companies who have unjustly denied or underpaid claims. Since 1986, Glantzlaw has fought to enforce the rights of individuals and companies against insurers and have repeatedly obtained successful outcomes for our clients as a result of our experience, knowledge and resources. 

Under Florida law, an individual or company have the right to have their claims handled swiftly and fairly by their insurance companies. Unjustified delays in the claim handling process and the unfair denial or underpayment of valid claims can result in the expenditure of time, money and subject an individual or company to enormous stress and inconvenience. 

In the event an insurance carrier unjustly denies a claim or underpays a claim, we will provide comprehensive legal representation, including promptly initiating litigation against the insurance company when necessary to require the insurer to justify their actions in a court of law. As time is of the essence in all insurance matters, we encourage you to promptly contact Glantzlaw to safeguard your legal rights.

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